Kids’ Adventure

Kids adventure

Carolyn EvansWe would like to introduce to you the On-Site Director at Vista Peak Exploratory for Kids Adventures, Carolyn Evans.  Carolyn worked in the field of Therapeutic Recreation for over fifteen years, she
catered for five years before she began working for Aurora Public Schools. She has worked in the Preschool Department @ Vista PEAK since 2010 and has worked for Kids Adventures as a leader before and after school @ Vista Peak since 2011. She is passionate about education and is confident that leisure activities are essential to positive growth and education.

Just as we are, you'll be thrilled to have Carolyn help your child in their before and after school adventures!

Again, Carolyn works for the Preschool Department here at VPE as a Preschool Para and her hours are from 8am-3:30pm.  During this time she is unable to answer any questions regarding Kids Adventures.  If you need to contact her, please feel free to email her at or you can call or text at 720-338-1619 .  She will return emails/messages after 3:30pm or before 8am with regards to Kids Adventures.