Corine Muehlhausen – ISS EA

muehlhausenHi, My name is Corine Muehlhausen. 

I am blessed to be a native of Colorado and to enjoy the beauty of my state. I am a product of Denver Public Schools and the Montbello area. Aurora has been my home for 42 years.  I married my brother's best friend and had two daughters and one son and currently have 11 grandkids. I started my teaching career as an Early Childhood Educator in 1985 in Aurora, Co earning my GLQ as well as teaching children’s aerobics k-4th. I also worked for APS at Crawford, East Middle School, Elkhart and Sable elementary from 1991-1995. This is my 6th year at VP and I am honored to have found a great family here at Vista PEAK Exploratory. 

My husband and I served in Church leadership for 15 years in a church in Aurora and completed our Leadership training from Christian International Ministries in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. I love camping and spending time with my family but my favorite is shopping!