2018 CMAS State Testing

Hello Parents,

CMAS testing is coming up. Below is the CMAS schedule and information on tips to help prepare your child for testing.

Help Prepare Your Child for State Testing 

Here are some tips for parents to help their students do their very best every day, but especially during the State testing period. We ask for your help in having your child be as prepared as possible in the following areas.

 Get a good night sleep, be well rested (8-10 hours). 

 Eat a healthy breakfast. 

 Arrive at school on time and be here every day (especially during testing). 

 Have a positive "can do" student attitude.

 Plan ahead to ensure your child is present, reschedule any appointments the child may have or need to attend during this time. 

Here are some test-taking tips that will help my child take CMAS.
Remind your child to: 

 Read the test directions carefully. 

 Read the questions carefully and be sure of what they are asking.

 Read all of the answer choices before responding. 

 If you don't know the answer to a question, skip it and come back if there is time. 

 Eliminate any answers that you know are wrong, and then consider only those that might be right.

 Go back and check your answers if time allows We know that as a partner in your child's education, you will do all you can to help ensure your child's success and we greatly appreciate your support.

Parent Tips for Before, On Test Day and After the Test,

Parents' Guide to Standardized Testing

Como ayudar a su hijo a prepararse para las pruebas estandarizadas

To view the testing letter and related information, please visit aurorak12.org/testing./ Para leer la carta sobre las evaluaciones estatales, y toda la información relacionada, acuda al sitio: aurorak12.org/testing.

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