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How to connect at home WiFi to Chromebook device (works with all Chromebook devices, not just Dells): 

How to login to Chromebook:

Where to find student’s Google information:

  • Log in to Infinite Campus:
  • Open the sidebar and select More and then select Google Info
  • Students’ email address is their first name, the first initial of their last name, and the last four numbers of their student number

For example:

  • If you are having difficulty finding your student’s Google info, please email their teacher. 

Google Mail (Gmail):

Students will need access to their school provided Gmail account to find invitations to classwork and to collaborate with other students, if need be. The icon for Gmail will be located on a browser window, or within the Google Apps button located on either the left side of the browser window, or the left side of the student’s photo. 

Google Classroom:

Google Classroom will be accessible on the tools panel directly to the right of the address bar in the browser window - 

You can also access Google Classroom by clicking on the Google Apps button and selecting Google Classroom. The Google Apps button can be found in either the top left of the bookmarks bar, or the left side of your student’s photo on their Gmail page or Google Drive page. 

Google Meet, Google Hangouts:

Your student might need to participate in a Google Meet or Google Hangout to complete an assignment. To do so, the student will access the appropriate app via the Google Apps button, and follow the directions to proceed. Google Meet is an online video conference application and Google Hangouts is a combination of video and/or instant message applications. 

Online Resources for Instruction: 

All online resources can be accessed through the Clever app which automatically opens when the web browser is activated (if using a school-owned device). Students will use their Google login information to access Clever. For those using personal devices, Clever can be accessed by visiting, clicking Login as a student, searching for Vista PEAK, and selecting Vista PEAK Exploratory. The student will then need to login using their Google login information.

There is more information on our website about Dreambox and PSoC. 

If you need your Infinite Campus login information, please contact either Irma Ruiz* at or Rebecca Dooley* at

If you need help with your student’s Google login information, or general Chromebook use questions, please contact Kaleigh Glatfelter* at

*Please allow up to 48 hours for replies. 

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