Mission Statement

 The mission of Vista Peak Exploratory athletics and activities is to provide opportunities for students that maximize student engagement, participation and achievement. Student athletes are expected to display a competitive spirit, exhibit good sportsmanship and meet our standards for behavior and academic effort.


We believe that participation in athletics and activities is a powerful tool for the academic and personal growth of our students. The work habits and character development necessary to be successful in athletics and activities has a direct influence on a student’s academic and personal achievement.

Benefits of School Based Athletics

  • A student involved in middle school athletics has a much lower chance of receiving a behavior referral.
  • A student’s engagement, as measured by effort grades, dramatically increases when involved in a middle school sport or activity.
  • Coaches and teachers have anecdotally noticed great improvement of the self-efficacy of a student after they become involved in athletics and activities.
  • Students who stay involved in school-based athletics or activities at lease up until they turn 15 have much higher graduations rates.
  • Female students who stay involved in school-based athletics or activities at lease up until they turn 15 have a much lower risk of teenage pregnancy.



 Vista PEAK offers the following sports to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students:
Athletic Director, Lindsey Parks.

TRACK - Starts August 8th and ends September 14th 

WRESTLING - Starts September 17th and ends November 2rd 

GIRLS SOCCER - Starts September 17th and ends November 2rd 

Girls BASKETBALL - Starts November 4th and ends January 18th

Girls SWIM - Starts January 22nd and ends February 29th 

Boys BASKETBALL - Starts January 22rd and ends March 7th

VOLLEYBALL - Starts March 23rd and ends May 9th

BOYS SOCCER - Starts March 23rd and ends May 9th


Practice Times: Students will practice Monday - Friday during the season on all student contact days, unless there is a game or practice is cancelled. In general, practice will be after school until about 5:00 p.m. Please check with each coach to find out their practice schedule. If your child is to be picked up, please be on time.

All student athletes must meet the following criteria before they are eligible to participate in the athletic programs at Vista PEAK. Students may not practice until all forms and fees are paid. Please make sure all of the items are filled out correctly. Any form that is not filled out will delay your child's participation.

  • Parent Permission Form
  • Insurance Waiver
  • Medical Physical
  • Code of Conduct