Athletics Forms & Schedule


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Here is current sports schedules for the 2019-20 school year.  (They are subject to change and will be updated if they do)

TRACK - Starts August 8th and ends September 14th 

WRESTLING - Starts September 17th and ends November 2rd 

GIRLS SOCCER - Starts September 17th and ends November 2rd 

G BASKETBALL - Starts November 4th and ends January 18th

G SWIM - Starts January 22nd and ends February 29th 

B BASKETBALL - Starts January 22rd and ends March 7th

VOLLEYBALL - Starts March 23rd and ends May 9th

BOYS SOCCER - Starts March 23rd and ends May 9th



NOTE FROM AURORA PUBLIC SCHOOLS: We want to extend our apologies that we have had multiple games and meets this season without officials. Aurora Public Schools works with a third party organization to secure and schedule officials and they have not been doing sufficiently despite all of our best efforts.   We will continue to work diligently to ensure there are officials at all events and are developing contingency plans, however this will not be an immediate solution.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.