Accelerated Learning

As a part of our shared P-12 Campus innovation plan, students who are consistently demonstrating above grade level mastery of standards in math and literacy as they enter fourth grade may be eligible to apply for Accelerated Learning. In this program, students who show through a variety of academic measures that they have mastered current grade level content can work with administration to potentially transfer into a higher grade level course, therefore accelerating their learning and their opportunity as they reach Vista Peak Preparatory to be in advanced secondary courses.

Students and parents who demonstrate potential eligibility for this program work with administration to evaluate a variety of assessments and performance measures ensuring the student has mastered grade level content. Transitions into classes are typically made at the start of the school year, however, each situation is evaluated individually.

Students who accelerate into high school level classes in eighth grade work with Vista Peak Preparatory to obtain high school credit for the courses they are taking through accelerated learning. Students are required to continue to maintain demonstration of mastery of standards in the grade level courses that they are in.

Questions about Accelerated Learning can be directed to the Assistant Principal overseeing your student's grade level.