Message to Parents of 6th-8th Grade Students

6th-8th grade students had an opportunity to meet with Mrs, Greer, Mrs. Neely, or Mr. Thigpen to review their personal data and set goals.  Your student should have brought this home to share with you and returned the signed contract.  In an effort to support students in advocating for their learning and to gain proficiency we have asked students who are not yet proficient in writing and math to get extra help.  We have referred to this as tutoring.  Any extra support a student receives is considered tutoring.  Extra support can be through targeted extra practice during the school day within WIN blocks, online tutorials through I-Ready or other resources that families/teachers have found to be supportive for student understanding, 1:1 help from family/teachers that is targeted around student next steps.  (Parents can find next steps and suggestions on student report card comments each quarter.)  We ask that students/families/ teachers be creative in identifying how to provide necessary support to gain proficiency.  As students receive additional help through any of the above mentioned suggestions of any other source families find helpful the adult who is monitoring/providing the support may sign off on a tutoring session.  (Please see sample on how to complete the log.)  All required tutoring sessions must be complete by March 21st.  Signed tutoring logs are due to the front office by that date as well.