Students Expectations for School Activities

We want all Vista PEAK Exploratory students to be able to attend all school activities.  In order to be an active participant and attend school extra curricular activities students must be positive and productive members of the VPE community.  The data below will be used to show if students have been a PEAK Performer:

  • Attend class with a growth mindset and contribute to the learning of my peers:
    • I have contributed positively to the culture by remaining in my classroom at all times (No OSS, ISS or PEAK room visits with the exception of planned breaks.)
    • I have contributed positively to the culture by being a respectful, responsible, and safe contributor in class and at school. (If I have to be removed from class and spend time in the PEAK room I have not positively contributed to the school environment)
  • Always try my best in class and be respectful, responsible and safe.
    • This will be measured by my most current Work Habits grades (Effort, Engagement, Homework, and Responsibility)...I am on track when I have an effort grade of 3 or above in all classes
  • School activities can include, but are not limited to:
    • Field trips
    • Field day
    • Dances
    • Attendance of Athletic games/Clubs/Activities
    • Other events that are scheduled throughout the year
    • Concerts