The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academic and Career Pathway prepares students to enter any of these four fields.  Higher-education, community and business partners will provide hands-on learning opportunities. Students will have the chance to earn college credit and industry certificates, and they will learn about career and college options while in high school.

The STEM Pathway includes rigorous coursework, advanced learning technology and opportunities to master the skills of the future.

On average, students who study engineering or technology in college are happier with their career options upon graduation than students with other majors. Furthermore, in this computer age, when almost any information can be obtained with a mere click of a button, students that graduate with a solid understanding of technology are more likely to perform well in any career or field of study.

Students who pursue the STEM Pathway and work hard will graduate with an impressive record that will make them competitive applicants at a number of colleges and universities. At some APS schools, they will also have the opportunity to become certified in the use of common engineering software, such as computer-aided drafting (CAD) and 3D modeling design software.

With the ever-expanding importance of computers, alternative energy and research physics, the fields of science, technology, engineering and math are some of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Here are just a few of the future career options for students who decide to pursue this pathway:

  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Architect
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Chemical or Industrial Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Software Developer or Computer Programmer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mathematician or Cryptographer
  • Physicist
  • Robotic Engineer
  • Environmental Engineer