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ID Badge Policy – Middle School Students

Middle School ID policy Update:

Middle school students are expected to have their school issued ID on around their necks during the school day.  

Last year if a student lost their ID the first replacement was $2.00 and every other ID was $5.00 to replace. Students were required to bring in cash to receive a replacement ID.  

The revised policy -  the first ID lost will be replaced for free and every other ID lost after will be $5.00. Also, students will not be required to bring in cash as the lost ID will be directly billed into the student's account.  When this occurs, you will receive a phone call about the charge. If you have any questions about this revision please contact Sam Turner:

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Pick up and drop off

Vista PEAK Exploratory
Pick-up and Drop-off Procedure
(School start and end times: 8:20-3:25)

  • Take your time and be careful
  • Park your vehicle away from the school and walk if no parking is available
  • Students to cross streets only at marked crosswalks
  • Be respectful of students, staff, and other parents
  • Please respect our neighbors, do not block driveways
  • Follow all posted traffic signs
  • Do not park in crosswalks
  • Park vehicle properly before loading or unloading students
  • Do not double park your vehicle
  • NO U-Turns

You will notice large, orange traffic cones in the drop-off circles on both the east and west sides of the building.  The cones are there to assist those dropping off students by the curbs. Vehicles are to remain in a single file line and pull up as far as they can to maximize the amount of sidewalk space used for drop-offs.

On the WEST side of the building we request that you follow the car in front of you that will pull all away around to the end of the soccer goal.  

On the EAST side of the building we request that you follow the car in front of you that will pull all away around to the crosswalk before they stop.  

If your student(s) are unable to unload in less than 30 seconds, please drop them off in the parking lot closest to the crosswalk so the crossing guard can assist them across the driveway.

If you have students in multiple grades, you are welcome to choose which side you would like to drop off your students.

Some key points to remember to ensure safety:





PLEASE ARRIVE AT SCHOOL BY 8:10am TO ENSURE YOU ARE ON TIME.  If you are late you will have to enter through the main door and get a tardy pass.


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VPE Technology

Vista Peak Exploratory is pleased to announce the continuation of our 1 to 1 technology access. In this school, each student is assigned a tech device for their individual use throughout the day at VPE. Middle School students are responsible for checking their device out of the cart in the morning, bringing their device with them to each class throughout the day, and checking the device back in to the cart at the end of the day.

Through this program we are able to utilize 21st century instruction that allows students to access their education in real world applications. Teachers use programs such as google classroom and webquests to deliver instruction in the same manner that students will see as they progress through high school and higher ed. We love to offer our students this opportunity to have access to cutting edge technology and teach them responsibility and a sense of ownership.  

This year we have reduced the technology fee for middle school students to $25. The fee contributes to general maintenance and necessary updates for each device. The fee can be paid either at the front office or to the student’s homeroom teacher.  Below, the technology policy and agreement contract can be downloaded or a copy will be given to your child on the first day of school. Please go over the contract with your child, sign and return it to the school. If you have any questions please contact the front office and they will guide your question to the correct contact.

Click to download

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No cell phones

Parents due to misuse of cell phones during the school day which has negatively impacted the learning environment, students will not be allowed to use their cell phones during the day including lunch, recess, or in the bathrooms.  Should your child need to contact you, as always, they may use the phone provided for them in the front office.  Any sight, sound, or use of a cell phone by a student will result in the phone being confiscated, secured, and released only to a parent.  Please support your child in adhering to this new expectation by having them leave it at home or remind them to keep it off and put away here at school.

Please also encourage your student to be respectful, responsible and safe by reporting concerning issues and refraining from participation in disruptive behaviors.

We appreciate that many of our students are demonstrating PEAK Performance behaviors and hope you all understand that this measure is put in place to limit distractions/disruptions as well as increase student/staff/school safety.


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