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Welcome Letter to the VPE Community From Principal Kolquist

Hello, VPE Community!

I can’t tell you how incredibly excited I am to begin my journey with each and every one of you. In the short time I have been at Vista Peak Exploratory, I have experienced first-hand the warmth, caring, and commitment to students that this community shares. It is thrilling to see how dedicated each person I have had the chance to meet and work with is to VPE. They strive to ensure that our students receive not just the best education possible, but the best environment in which to prosper and grow as a person.

Reflecting on the shared passion to meet the needs of the whole student, our leadership conversations continue to center around the idea of how we collectively build on the strengths of our community.

Community - defined by Merriam Webster as  a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society. That is where the strength of this community lies;  our common interest of ensuring that each of our students has the best possible future available to them. In spite of any other differences we may have, the desire for our students to learn brings us together.

Taking this to an even closer bond, we begin to look at Merriam Webster’s definition of family: a group of people united by certain convictions.

We might have varying convictions or beliefs in other areas, but our conviction that our students, each individual unique student, deserves a safe place to learn and grow, is united.

Creating a culture of  collective responsibility and respect in which each individual has the space and support to succeed  requires a call to action from all of us. While community is created on the strengths and talents of individuals, it is our collective mindset towards this vision that creates its reality.

As we begin this school year, the recognition that each one of us, be it staff member, student or parent, is a part of this VPE community, brings a huge sense of excitement. Without one of us, our community will be a little bit less, and through each of us, we will become something even bigger and brighter than we already are.

Our students deserve a school that cherishes them, challenges them, invigorates their mind, excites their passions and teaches them the accountability that empowers them to be a responsible and contributing member of our community. We know that they deserve to become thinkers and problem solvers and artists and athletes and that every single one of them is capable of fulfilling their dreams. Most importantly, we know that collectively, we can make this happen.

This is how we step into the  2018-19 school year – together - guided by our mantra: We are community, we are culture, we are family, we are unique, WE ARE VPE!

I look forward to a wonderful year with all of you.


Amy Kolquist
Principal, VPE

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VPE Technology

Vista Peak Exploratory is pleased to announce the continuation of our 1 to 1 technology access. In this school, each student is assigned a tech device for their individual use throughout the day at VPE. Middle School students are responsible for checking their device out of the cart in the morning, bringing their device with them to each class throughout the day, and checking the device back in to the cart at the end of the day.

Through this program we are able to utilize 21st century instruction that allows students to access their education in real world applications. Teachers use programs such as google classroom and webquests to deliver instruction in the same manner that students will see as they progress through high school and higher ed. We love to offer our students this opportunity to have access to cutting edge technology and teach them responsibility and a sense of ownership.  

This year we have reduced the technology fee for middle school students to $25. The fee contributes to general maintenance and necessary updates for each device. The fee can be paid either at the front office or to the student’s homeroom teacher.  Below, the technology policy and agreement contract can be downloaded or a copy will be given to your child on the first day of school. Please go over the contract with your child, sign and return it to the school. If you have any questions please contact the front office and they will guide your question to the correct contact.

Click to download

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Childhood Cancer License Plate Hearing

One of our Vista Peak students, Gabriel Santisteven, has been working on a way to raise awareness of childhood cancer through exposure by creating a special license plate.  He recently presented his idea with his amazing speech to the Colorado Represenatives and Senators of the House Transportation and Energy Committee and the bill passed 12-1.

Here is the link to the bill:


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Vista Peak

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Pick up and drop off

 It has always been the school policy that the front loop of the school is designated for busses only and is not to be used for drop off or pick up.  After Thanksgiving break we will be more stringent with our enforcement of this policy.  Before school and after school we will have the front entrance blocked off to all traffic except busses.  Please utilize our east and west parking lots for student drop off and pick up.  If you need to enter the building you will need to park in the east or west lot.  We would also like to remind you that students and adults should only cross the street at our designated cross walks.  We have a particular concern about students crossing the street from the south side of 1st avenue, which is  prohibited.  Please be patient and use an abundance of caution during these times to ensure all of our students are safe. Thank you!

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